Classic Canadian Homestay is seeking interactive and caring host families for our short-term (8 nights to one month in duration) Japanese students this summer, fall and beyond.

Specific times of need for 2022 include:

  • July 3-11
  • July 17-Aug 6
  • Aug 6-Sep 4
  • Programs in November

Compensation rates are $50/night for shorter periods and $36/night for month-long periods.  Families may often host two students per home in the same room (provided the room has separate beds).


  1. Read Information for Short-Term Hosts (below)
  2. Download, fill out and return Application Form. Return form by: scanning or photographing and e-mailing (
  3. Schedule a host family visit
  4. Register for student group

Become a host family

We have immediate openings for host families on the North Shore (North & West Vancouver) and Burnaby for international student groups arriving in July 2022. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience if you are interested in hosting a student(s) at that time. There will be more hosting opportunities throughout the year.

Classic Canadian Homestay is seeking caring and interactive host families for short-term student groups year round. Most students are high-school age and here for periods lasting a few days or a few weeks. We are looking for host families in the following regions: North Vancouver, West Vancouver.
Our host families represent the ethnic and demographic diversity of Vancouver. They live in single-family homes (duplexes or townhomes acceptable) which must meet basic safety and cleanliness standards.

Classic Canadian Homestay is a family owned and operated business based on the North Shore. We have been placing international students in homes since 2001. Due to the increasing demand we are expanding our business to include student placements in host families in more regions throughout Metro Vancouver.

Students originate primarily from Japan. They range in age from 12-21, depending on the group or school that they travel with. Many students end up making life-long relationships with their host families. International student placements are also a great way to expose your own children to other cultures.

Our basic requirements are as follows:

  • A comfortable private or shared bedroom (separate beds) with a window and sufficient furnishings for study and storage of clothing/personal belongings, and access to a private or shared bathroom.
  • A safe and adult-supervised environment with convenient access to public transportation.
  • 3 meals per day, 7 days per week — breakfast is commonly cereal, toast, etc. Lunch is often packed by the host-family for younger students. Dinner should be with at least one host family member. Snacks are to be offered as reasonable. Meals should be balanced and offer sufficient nutritional value.
  • English only is to be used in the home when the student is present.
  • There should not be other students living in your home of opposite genders or the same nationality as students placed by Classic Canadian Homestay. No more than 4 students total shall be in the same home at any one time.
  • Include the student in family activities when possible.
  • Keep your home cannabis free.
  • Provide basic supervision of the student’s behaviour and bring any problems to the immediate attention of Classic Canadian Homestay.
  • Provide a clear Criminal Record Check (CRC) for everyone living in your home over 19.

Expectations for each student group will be a little different and host families will be notified far in advance if daily transportation is required, or if specific days are indicated for family outings with the students. The compensation rate is affected by these expectations, the age of students, number of students permitted and other factors.

Compensation for expenses varies between $36-50/night.

Note: we are currently seeking host families residing on the North Shore or Burnaby only.